AZCOVIDTXT is a bilingual, two-way texting system designed to provide and gather health information to and from users in order to distribute timely, expert-curated information to promote the resilience of our health systems and communities across Arizona.


Assist Arizonans stay up-to-date on continually-evolving COVID-19 information. 


Support Arizonans to build more resilient communities and remain informed on additional pressing health issues in their area. 

Personalized Content

Work toward personalized messaging unique to the interests of individual Arizonans and their communities. 

Why should I join AZCOVIDTXT?

  1. By joining AZCOVIDTXT, you will receive customized health and support information to help you stay informed about COVID-19 and other health threats, as well as tips for how to increase resilience in your community.

  2. By completing our brief weekly survey, we can better inform our content to fit your needs!

To achieve our goals, we offer a variety of messaging modalities to fit your preference!
New, expert-curated content is available weekly through:

Text Messaging

Receive 2 or 3 text messages per week, containing relevant, local, health-related content. To sign up to receive weekly texts, follow the two simple steps outlined in the instructions below!

Website Articles

Read more in-depth about a topic of interest! Each week two articles are made available: one provides information specifically for you as rural health providers, and the other gives helpful instructions on how to communicate specific topics more effectively with the individuals you support. 

Social Media Posts

View short, helpful posts and graphics that are made available on our AZCOVIDTXT (@azcovidtxt) Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


Read or share a number of available infographics that provide a visual representation of pressing, health-related  information here on our website.

Sign up for AZCOVIDTXT in two, easy steps:

Phone 1


Text JOIN to 1-833-410-0546 on your phone.

Phone 2

2. Answer a few brief questions

You will be asked to provide your Arizona zip code and complete a brief survey.
This helps us tailor our content to your specific area.

Phone 3

Begin receiving informative text messages & complete weekly surveys!

After you complete the enrollment process, you will begin to receive 2-3 informative text messages per week containing relevant COVID-19 and community resilience information.

You will also have the opportunity to complete a brief, weekly survey that will help us better inform our content to your interests.